Web Performance And Acceleration For Your Business

When it comes to optimizing your website’s performance and accelerating its ability to deliver the right kind of content to your customers, you know that you have to rely on the right kind of service providers.

The importance of ensuring that your website is performing at top levels is critical because your website:

  • Is a business tool that can hook customers from the minute they visit it
  • Is capable of performing marketing and promotional exercises for you and
  • Can be a huge game changer for your social media or social networking strategy as well.

Therefore, looking for the services of companies such as GlobalDots who can help you make sense of all the web performance and acceleration technologies in the market can indeed go a long way in helping you enhance your business operations.

Here are a few things that you can keep in mind when you are looking for the right kind of support for your website’s performance.

Speaking of load times

According to one survey, slow download times have a huge negative impact on the business and brand image. In the fast paced world of Internet, even a second’s delay can get converted into a 7% loss as far as customer conversions go. It also means significantly lower customer satisfaction. And once your business’s reputation has taken a beating, it is going to be extremely difficult to bounce back. Therefore, going in for technology that allows faster web load times is critical.

Web applications

Web applications are indeed going a very long way in enhancing user experience. Plenty of service providers go in for cloud-based services that allow you to enjoy dynamic Web acceleration and the ability to pull content from the cloud. This simply means that your customers get to enjoy a hugely enriching experience with your website. Therefore, web performance and acceleration can certainly be placed in the hands of a company which has cloud computing backup.

Browser rendering

This is one practice that can go a long way in helping you accelerate your website’s performance. You could also concentrate on:

  • Minimizing the time that data requests take – the more the trips that data requests make between server to server, the more the download time
  • Reducing payload size and
  • Caching tools.

As far as browser rendering goes, you need to ensure that your focus on performance optimization includes the browser side operations as well. Some of the ways in which you can do this are by eliminating inefficient key selectors and minimizing the number of rules that your engine has to evaluate.

Performance of TCP

TCP or transmission control protocol is another area where the performance needs to be optimized. The performance of the TCP allows faster exchange of data between the devices connected via the Internet. When you deploy TCP acceleration solutions, you get to enjoy fast exchange of data and dynamic content.

Thus, when you go in for web performance and acceleration solutions delivered to you by the right kind of service provider, you get to enjoy significant enhancements in the way your website performs. This directly translates into better customer satisfaction and more revenues for your business.

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