Virus Derived from Anti Virus Makers?



There is an assumption that computer viruses are made by anti-virus manufacturers themselves, is it? How do you respond?

Answer [Vaksincom]:

This is one of the most frequently asked questions. When viewed from the side of the business where the antivirus manufacturers benefit financially from protecting computers from virus infections of course, many people will think that the antivirus manufacturer is concerned that the virus spread merchandise sold.

Something like that are often thought of by computer users who might be affected by the intrigues in the soap opera or telenovela. Fortunately the patients treated at the clinic 24 hours is not much that has this kind of thinking, because it might otherwise many doctors who were beaten because they spread the disease so that he gets the patient.

In answer to questions like these we actually have a dilemma, if you answered yes, we can immediately accosted by the authorities for spreading the virus is both illegal and should not be done by a good citizen.

Conversely, if it is not answered, the questioner may be thinking to himself: “Hare gene where no thief admit”.

So that objective, we can see the fact that the virus Top was captured by the authorities in the world (unfortunately in Indonesia that caught it is not the virus, but the actual breaker KPU server kindly want to show weakness in server systems KPU).

Top 5 world virus makers are caught by the authorities is not one who has a relationship with the maker of antivirus and antivirus manufacturers absolutely no reward or support to the makers of this virus.

1. David L. Smith, who made the Melissa virus in 1999 was captured by the FBI and was sentenced to 20 months in prison and fined $ 5,000 by the court and is not shown to have any connection with antivirus manufacturers.

2. Onel De Guzman, Filipino programmer who made the Lovebug virus (I Love You) as the eventual thesis (which was rejected).

3. Jan De Wit, virus makers Annakournikova in 2001 was 20-year-old young man who immediately surrender himself to the authorities after and was surprised to learn the extent of loss caused by virus product.

Funny thing is, respect for Jan De Wit is coming from the mayor “Sneek”, the area where Jon De Wit live in the Netherlands and he got a job offer and awards. Instead, manufacturers Sophos antivirus as it opposes tribute to Jon De Wit.

4. Sven Jaschan, Sasser and Netsky virus makers that resulted in paralysis in many banking systems in the world (the virus is most likely inspired by Skynet from the Terminator movies).

German is a boy genius who turned out to be sorry to see the amount of damage caused by viruses buatannyadan identified precisely when the virus is spreading more of his parents that aims to reduce the damage caused by the virus creation.

5. Simon Vallor who create viruses kart, Redesi-B and Admire the spread in 2001 was unemployed and had been arrested in 2003 and had its day in jail for 20 months in prison.

In fact, many virus writers who hated the antivirus because it assumes that the antivirus blocking or destroying their work and it is evident as the action like Sality virus that does block access to antivirus sites on all the infected computer.

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