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Computers have become part of our daily lives. Almost every day we use computers to do our daily work. There are many alternative software (software) that we can use for office work and our homes. One is the open source software or OSS software. In Indonesian known as open source software.

Open source software began with a campaign to provide and use the software for free. Moreover, any software that includes open source software (open source) have the source code (source code) is freely downloadable and distributed by embracing certain principles and ethics. The development will be done by a particular community and they would exchange information to develop software to make it better.

Why Use Open Source Software?
Why you should use open source software? In the daily work with computers, we may often use some commercial software that has been known as Microsoft Windows as the operating system, Microsoft Office for office applications, Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw as an application for design and image, Microsoft Visio as an application to make diagram, Microsoft Outlook to read and receive e-mail or Microsoft Project for project management applications to perform. But you know, that the software mentioned above has a license price of the units of hundreds or thousands of dollars of software? If you invest your money to buy some original software onto computers, of course you have to spend thousands of dollars for a computer. Of course you also do not want to break the law by using illegal software is not it?

Because that’s available a wide variety of open source software can be downloaded free of charge and distributed freely. In addition, because it was built by a community to exchange information across the world, this type of software developed quite well.

What are the Alternatives Open Source Software?
Here are some types of open source software that can easily get a replacement for the software you paid a high price:

You can replace the Microsoft Windows that you use every day with the Linux operating system. Operating system first developed by Linus Trovald has become the best alternative to replace Microsoft Windows. Many variants and Linux distributions are developed with a very nice. For example, Ubuntu, Mandrake, and Fedora is a Linux distribution that is quite easy to use by the layman though.

Open Office
One of the best office suite to replace Microsoft Office is Open Office. The software was developed exclusively by a large company that is Sun Micro systems, but is available for free. In a package of Open Office are many applications that can replace Microsoft Office tasks. Even Open Office can open files saved in Microsoft Office format.

If you love to do the design and drawing, you can use GIMP. You can modify your images and photos and save them in various image file formats. And this software for free can you get as a replacement for Adobe Photoshop or Corel Draw is the price of course is very expensive.

Microsoft Visio is certainly a good software to create charts. But did you know that you too can make a diagram with the software free and legal? The software has the name of Him. With this software, you can create a variety of charts with interesting format.
Mozilla Thunderbird
You often receive e-mail in Microsoft Outlook? You can use an alternative e-mail application called Mozilla Thunderbird to receive, read and send e-mail. Besides Mozilla Thunderbird is also equipped with a News Reader to read the latest news.

Gantt Project
If you are a person who was assigned to perform project management, you would usually use Microsoft Project to perform this task. But you can also use free software alternatives that Gantt Project, which has a capability such as Microsoft Project.

All open source software mentioned above (except Linux) can run on Microsoft Windows operating system or Linux with a variety of variants and their distribution. Surely you can save from hundreds to thousands of dollars if you start using open source software. In addition to those mentioned above, there are many more open source software that you can use as an alternative to commercial software.

Free Does not Mean Bad
Despite all the open source software can be obtained and distributed for free, but in terms of quality open source software has gone through a series of tests as well as commercial software. Even some big companies were also involved in the development of this software.

Indeed, if you first switch to open source software, chances are you have not used to using it because the layout is slightly different from the commercial software you normally use. However, you can begin to try and of course you will become accustomed to. You also will not be burdened with costs that can be expensive as well as moral weight because it uses commercial software that is illegal.

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