Tool to drink sea water distillation



According to a report prepared by the UNDP, the UN Environment Program, entitled ‘The water that is sick’, the number of people who died due to water pollution, every year, more than the number of casualties in war or violence. As we know, about 2 billion tons of waste water, including former chemical fertilizers, sewage and industrial wastes, threaten our environment every day and cause outbreaks of the plague on this earth. Is there a way to solve the problem of water pollution and water shortages are now a hot issue for the international community?

In such an atmosphere, a South Korean research team successfully developed a water purification tool that is easy to carry, through a screening system substances, including changing dirty sea water to drink. Actually, the development of such systems is not new. During this time, a large number of scientists are actively trying to produce the new type of seawater distillation.

At present, we can get about 1 billion 300 million cubic kilometers of fresh water and sea water above the earth. However, we can only use as much as 2.5 percent, or about 35 million cubic kilometers of fresh water in the form. In other words, as much as 97 percent of water that is on the surface of the earth is sea water is not potable. Freshwater pollution problems more seriously aggravate the current water shortage conditions. Now about 1 billion 200 million people worldwide, or 1 per 5 of the world’s population, face the problem of water shortage. In some countries, water shortages often lead to a serious conflict.

English origins of the term, ‘rival’ which means “competitor” is closely related to the Latin meaning ‘rivalis’, which means ‘the people who depend on water’. Actually, since the first human beings already regard water as a vital natural resource. To obtain drinking water from sea water, a large number of international scientists devoted its efforts to develop a desalination facility through the process of evaporation, filtration or removal of harmful substances.

However, they often encounter obstacles, namely the size of the facility was large enough and still requires a driving force, power. Plus, the cost is quite expensive installation of the facility including associated infrastructure costs, so that means it is almost impossible to use the countries that are less capable of the long lack of water. More recently, a joint research team of South Korea, Yoon Jong Han professor and professor Kim Jae Song of the United States as well as MIT professor and assistant Hyong Kang Kwan Ko Hee Song of POSTECH Korea, successfully developed a water purification tool that is easy to carry, efficiently and economically.

Sea water distillation technology developed by the Korean team, applying the salinity of sea water filtration method using sodium and chlorine. If the sea water through the filter in the form of network separation within the device, a transition strength of hydrogen ions can separate freshwater salinity and nutrients, while automatically saving energy use.

The size of sea water distillation equipment only for a small bag, can make 1 liter of fresh water from sea water within 4 to 5 minutes, requiring little power. UN Deputy Secretary General Achim Steiner predicted, if we fail to control the waste water, a large number of human beings on this earth will suffer from various afflictions, especially the outbreak of the plague. This requires a concerted effort to maintain and control the source of water is not only sea water but also fresh water well.

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