TOMY Auto Mee S, Mini Robot Cleaner Screen Smartphone & Tablet

TOMY Auto Mee S

TOMY Auto Mee S

Given the importance of the presence of the display panel of the device you are using either phone or tablet, so it is fitting existence should still be maintained, especially the cleanliness and maintenance are carried out continuously at all times.

Related to that, there is good news for those of you who do not have much time to clean it up. Because one of the Japanese toy manufacturer Takara TOMY named Company, Ltd, reportedly has just introduced a new mini-cleaning robot named TOMY Auto Mee S, that is always ready to help you at any time to maintain and keep clean screen smartphone or tablet you use.

With 2 cleaning paper and 3 tires spinning on the bottom, mini-cleaning robot is reportedly able to eliminate or wipe out fingerprints, dust and various other impurities inherent in the existence of a smartphone or tablet display. This is done repeatedly until confirmed completely clean.

And another great, each time touching the rim edge of the screen, the robot will immediately turn around by itself and continue to rake in a way attached to the surface of the screen without falling though. At least to clean the surface of the screen on a smartphone takes only 4 minutes, while the tablet screen takes 8 minutes.

Mini cleaning robot has a size of 67mm x 38mm x 73mm, while its own weight only 82 grams. For security operation, the robot is practically only rely on the existence of an AA battery.

Available in 4 colors namely orange, blue, pink and white, this mini cleaning robot plan would soon fill the market in Japan as of March 28,  with a price range 1575 Yen.

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