The secret of amazingly productive sales teams

Some companies sell a lot more than others and you’re probably wondering what makes their sales team so productive. Your sales reps are not so bad, they might even be amazing, so why don’t you get the same results as those successful companies? One reason is that successful companies manage their data more efficiently.

Conversations with leads and clients get sometimes lost among the hundreds of emails the average sales rep receives every week. Many more are neglected because one sales reps thinks another one is taking care of that account when, in fact, nobody is taking care of it. When they actually try to make sense of all this mess, they invest hours of their valuable time in sorting their inbox. Not to mention the bad image already created for your potential customers who had no responses and the dramatic decrease in your chances to close the deal.

Floating Apps has decided to help sales reps better manage their leads and accounts. They use APIs to capture all relevant data and apply advanced algorithms to keep it organized in Google Apps and Salesforce. By a seamless and automatic integration between Salesforce and Google Apps, provided by their app AutoMagic Sync, all the relevant contacts, events and emails will be at the right place and up-to-date. Another of their apps, Timelines, displays the activity history of an account in a very intuitive and insightful way.

One main feature of their app is the syncing between Gmail and Salesforce. It gathers in Salesforce all the emails sent to and received from contacts. It goes through every email in which a Salesforce contact is the sender or a recipient and assigns each one to the right account, the correct owner and removes duplicates. That sync generates an accurate activity history for the sales rep and the manager, which will help the former to manage the relationship with a customer and the latter to give useful guidelines and coaching to the rep. There will no longer be any mix-ups and you will always know who brought a certain client into the firm’s portfolio and how much effort every member of the team has put in.

Yet the smartest thing may be the Google Contacts and Salesforce integration. In sales, contacts are incredibly important, everything starts from having the contact of the right person and the right reference. Losing a contact may not be noticed at first but costs the firm because it’s a lost customer and creates a bad reputation. That gives you the power to easily transfer a contact from a sales rep to another and manage changes of employees easily. Even if someone leaves the company, you will still have all the contacts. Acknowledging that contacts are a huge asset in a company, isn’t it a big advantage?

Instead of making the sales rep waste time by inputting contacts manually into the CRM you can have all this done automatically. This will clear up hours of the sales rep`s time and will insure an up-to-date CRM, As you know, an organized system is one that makes money.

What`s the best thing about this app? It’s that it does not ask any effort on your part. Complex softwares often have low adoption rates, but this app just does the work intelligently, asking the strict minimum from sales rep, which will guaranty a high adoption rate. You don’t even have to waste an hour to install it, the integration is instant.

Google Apps is excellent for business and a great tool, but it is still incomplete as it does not integrate with Salesforce and requires a lot of time from Sales reps to keep their data organized between both softwares. Increase productivity and simplify the life of your sales reps with just a few clicks. Learn more about Floating Apps and their new products.

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