The most sophisticated submarine Ever Made In Japan

super submarines of Japan's

super submarines of Japan’s

The team from National Geographic have recently discovered two super submarines of Japan’s World War 2 who drowned in Hawaii.
Why exactly submarine super? Because the technology is too advanced in 1945.

According to the head of the expedition, Dr. Hans Van Tillburg, the submarine I-201 and I-401 is the engine of future war. Just imagine, each submarine can carry 144 people over a distance of 37.000 miles – this capacity is 3 times larger than the modern submarine, and able to carry some small bomber aircraft.

At first Japan wants to use submarines to attack the U.S. mainland with a ship flying the bomber, but never accomplished. And if his mission is successful, many say that the outcome of World War 2 may be different.

Could it be that Japan would win???
So sophisticated, at the United States naval forces capture both subs, they just destroy it and sink it into the ocean in hopes of the enemy (such as Russia) can not steal technology.
Because of the sophistication of all, the news of the two submarines is even never referred to by the United States until now.

At the time of manufacture is complete, class submarine I-400 in operation for the Imperial Japanese Navy and became the largest submarine ever made during World War II. The design is unique in that it can carry, launch and landing three planes in a hangar pressurized floatplane used for reconnaissance and bomb attacks are limited.

Beyond the usefulness of the plane, I-400 was designed as attack submarines, which means after launching aircraft, the carrier was still able to “hunt” Allied surface ships belonging. With approximately 18 class submarine I-400 are planned from 1943 and above, only three were completed and there is no visible operational before the end of the war. Class submarine I-400 was launched in 1944 and the last in 1945. Construction lasted from January 1943 until July 1945. The war for the Japanese empire ended in late August 1945, and the ability to fully stripped war.

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