The FBI arrested 24 hackers from Various Countries



The results of the two-year investigation conducted Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to fruition arrest 24 people from various parts of the world through action alleged hacking.

The authorities called it the biggest international acts concerning trade in stolen credit card information online carding alias.

The FBI suspects ambushed during operations in 13 countries. They were arrested on charges of stealing personal data and banking belong to over 400,000 victims across the world.

Reported by Reuters on Wednesday (6/27/2012), the FBI did arrest 11 in America, while the rest in other countries including Britain, Bosnia, Germany and Japan. The average age is 18-25 years old were arrested.

To make a big rally to cross the country, the FBI create a scenario by pretending to be a hacker on the internet forum called Carder Profit (which was closed last May).

At the forum, the FBI is watching football exploits by hackers, including staking methods they use to infiltrate into the security wall and make a credit card abal-abal. The FBI then record the IP address and the email that led to the arrest.

Now, some people who are arrested should be threatened with jail sentences of up to 40 years or more if convicted of engaging in an illegal conspiracy.

The authorities themselves have given warning to the dozens of companies, government agencies and schools who infiltrated computer networks.

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