TechJet Dragonfly, Dragonfly Robot Can Be Controlled Through unique Smartphones and Computers

TechJet Dragonfly

TechJet Dragonfly

A unique robot named TechJet Dragonfly recently introduced by researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology. The robot, the size of the palm of the hand also has a function for aerial photography, gaming and security.

The robot itself is a project funded by the United States Air Force. To make the robot, they were willing to pay U.S. $ 1 million to researchers.

The researchers chose the form of a dragonfly as judged insects can move aggressively. In addition, they also chose the dragonfly because it is one predator in the food chain. And, kind of predators such as dragonflies considered feasible to perform work as a spy.

The robot is equipped with WiFi and 20 kinds of sensors. And, to facilitate the use of, the owners of this robot can use smartphones or computers to set motion. The robot is equipped with four mechanical wings, motors and lithium batteries plymer.

This robot can be obtained by the public. And, TechJet Dragonfly is offered at a price of $ 99 USD. In addition, the manufacturer also offers another version with a more expensive price.

United States Air Force

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