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Technology Shirt Showing Organ In

Technology Shirt Showing Organ In

Many technological innovations developed to utilize Mobile VR (Virtual Reality or also known as Augmented Reality).Thistime there is a product that utilize these technologies. Quite unique because only a plain shirt with a special code printed on the front.Later this kind of code barcode will be scanned by our smartphones and be read by a smartphone application to display Augmented Reality content, namely the human anatomy.

Virtuali-Tee, Basically, this is just an ordinary T-shirt that specificcode printed on the front so that the coda of this will be recognized and read by a smartphone application in which we point to him. So if we direct our smartphone camera to the wearer of this shirt, it will human anatomy on the screen of our phone. As an X-ray can see the organs of our body, from the heart, lung, colon, stomach, and many others.

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