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Technology Development of Biological Pacemaker

Technology Development of Biological Pacemaker

The pacemaker is one of the emergency safety equipment. While this tool is very reliable for any emergency medical condition but this tool does have some limitations, including the failure of its parts and the risk of infection by viruses that come from the patient’sbody. Pacemakers must also undergo regular checking process and must be replaced periodically.Based on the background of this issue, a group of scientists trying to create a biological pacemaker that is expected to replace the electronic pacemaker role in the future.

One of the researchers, the biological pacemaker consists of electrically active cells that can be functionally integrated with the heart and give a naturalheart rate without requiring the presence of foreigners in the heart of the hardware.Theoretically, the approach to create a biological pacemaker is to transform stem cells into a special pacemaker commonly found in the sinoatrial node of the heart.Cells specialized pacemaker successfully created will then be transplanted into the patient’s heart to restore a normal heartbeat function. Another approach that can be used is by changing other cells in the heart, such as cells in the fibroblasts (connective tissue of the heart) and turn them into pacemaker cells.

So far the research is still tested on animals but has not really produced anything considered to be applied in human clinical therapy. Researchers still need to understand the mechanisms of control and maintenance of pacemaker cells that have been produced.In addition, the researchers found it necessary to develop a method of cell transplantation pacemaker in certain parts of the heart. Biological pacemaker should really be prepared in such a way with the higheststandards. Due to the failure of the pacemaker even for a moment can be very harmful to the patient’s life.

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Technology Shirt Showing Organ In

Technology Shirt Showing Organ In

Many technological innovations developed to utilize Mobile VR (Virtual Reality or also known as Augmented Reality).Thistime there is a product that utilize these technologies. Quite unique because only a plain shirt with a special code printed on the front.Later this kind of code barcode will be scanned by our smartphones and be read by a smartphone application to display Augmented Reality content, namely the human anatomy.

Virtuali-Tee, Basically, this is just an ordinary T-shirt that specificcode printed on the front so that the coda of this will be recognized and read by a smartphone application in which we point to him. So if we direct our smartphone camera to the wearer of this shirt, it will human anatomy on the screen of our phone. As an X-ray can see the organs of our body, from the heart, lung, colon, stomach, and many others.

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Robot Chameleon is camouflaged like a chameleon Indeed

Robot Bunglon ini Berkamuflase Seperti Bunglon Sesungguhnya

Sure military world is in need of technology that can make them invisible. Technology like this is in the development stage and answer that allows to realize it is a nano-technology. The robe has a total thickness of only 80 nanometers. Composed of magnesium fluoride coating of 50 nano meters, the surface is covered by nanoantena made of very thin gold block 30 nano meters thick and have a variety of sizes. Nanoantena is used to bend the light, so that objects that are covered by this cloak will not be visible. This robe can adjust to the environment. That is just one of the nanotechnology developed for military purposes incognito.

Nanotechnology both created for the purpose of the military is a robot chameleon disguises. The chameleon skin color trying to adjust the color in the environment. Technology like this can be used by the military to disguise with their surroundings. This discovery will continue to be developed, so that one day can be fused perfectly to the surrounding environment. Nanotechnology could one day be blended at vest military defense.

The chameleon robot can produce a color change by utilizing the interaction between nano-scale structures in the electric field. The skin of the robot consists of sheets of glass edge of each sheet of glass there are some holes. Each hole has a diameter of 50 nm, and in it is inserted gold nano. When light hits the gold nano structure, it will make little bumpy electrons, determines how much light is reflected, how much is absorbed, causing the sheets of glass become discolored. But the lack of a robotic chameleon that can only detect basic colors like red, green, and blue, because of the limited ability of current sensors for detecting color. Read more

Robot Helps Passengers at Airports

Robot Membantu Penumpang di Bandara

A robot maid passengers at airports being prepared at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam. Robot whose development is funded by the European Commission and created by a collaboration between researchers and business people from five European countries it serves to help every passenger to find his way in the airport area. This robot is designed to be able to map their surroundings, such as detecting glass, trolleys, as well as the traffic of people changing.

This robot is part of a Spencer project that was designed specifically to serve passengers at airports. This robot will be tested for the first time on 30 November 2015 which was held at Schiphol Airport is one of the world’s busiest airports. Testing the robot is planned to take a week for better environmental adaptation.

This robot is equipped with a digital navigation maps and a laser beam is used to measure the distance to a variety of barriers to the right. Laser irradiation is recorded to determine any obstacles encountered, whether permanent or temporary. According Archim Lelienthal, professor of computer science and leader of the research project from Orebro University, this robot will initially be focused to detect a permanent barrier and then improved its ability to detect semi-permanent barrier. Read more

Technologically Advanced Surveillance Robots

Robot Pengintai Berteknologi Canggih

Sand Flea is a modern high-tech surveillance robot that is created to assist and equip the US Army in order to obtain information about the enemy. At a glance it looks like a toy robot usual but my friend will definitely be amazed with the action and capabilities of this robot.

Sand Flea robot called “Sand Flea” was created by a leading company in the field of device simulation technology known as Dynamic namaBoston, but with a weight of 4.9 kg Sand Flea robot is able to jump as high as 30 feet or +/- 10 meters into the air.

According to the Boston Dynamic as the maker or manufacturer of these robots, look for a detailed information about the enemy is a difficult thing to do given the risks to be faced so great. This makes Boston Dynamic create a robot as an alternative that can facilitate the soldiers in this case US troops are famous fierce and unyielding on the battlefield. Read more

Most Advanced Technology in the World Current

Teknologi Tercanggih Di Dunia

If we look at the films of science fiction often we see a lot of sophisticated technology that does not exist today, but are used by the characters of the film. There are some advanced technology like that in the movie the film has now truly tangible real world. Here we provide information to you all

The most advanced technology in the world

1. Quantum teleporter
Do you often see movies that characters can perform teleportation? If so, perhaps this time that such technology can be realized. One discovery of the most advanced technology in the world today is a quantum teleporters. This tool is described as a tool that can move objects or perform teleportation. Q is at test try teleportation has been successfully performed the teleportation of small objects so that the present invention is quite shocking. Because it would be possible to do teleportase on larger objects. The working principle of this tool is to create other objects in different places. so that the object is destroyed then made again in a different place.

2. Jetpack
World’s most advanced tools included in the most advanced technology in the world today is ketpack. This tool is a jet that could fly rider. Companies that make this tool in TAM. The company makes a full costume for this jetpack. This tool uses modern costumes with materials that could produce and refine hydrogen peroxide fuel available. Read more

Most Advanced Space Telescope in the World

Teleskop Luar Angkasa Tercanggih di Dunia

The telescope is an optical tool that is useful to look at objects in space that has a great distance to the Earth. With this excess space telescope used by observers for various purposes such as observation and observation of celestial bodies in outer space.

Telescope invented by Galileo Galilei, since it was first created to date has created a lot of telescopes with various types as well as small to large sizes. Not surprisingly, there are currently some of the most advanced space telescopes in the world. then any telescope with the most advanced technology today? Listen to the discussion below!

FOLLOWING Hubble Space sophisticated in the world

  • European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT)
    European Extremely Large Telescope is one of the most advanced space telescopes in the world. This telescope has a large size that will be the largest light telescopes in the world. European Extremely Large Telescope telescope is able to collect 13 times more light than the other telescopes. E-ELT is used to hunt for planets or stars that are at a great distance and to get signs of dark energy. Official European Extremely Large Telescope is built on top of the mountain in chile by blowing peak.

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Inventing the Future On Hold

Penemuan Masa Depan Yang Dinanti

Currently the technology is developing very rapidly. Not that the first bit of the dream. Will you imagine, people who live in the past if they are able to accept the fact that human beings are now able to fly using aircraft and also communicate with each other without any restriction area. In this discussion will discuss about the future discoveries that many anticipated.

Computer smarter than humans
In this case the man has created a computer by using artificial intelligence that can operate what is in want of man. In 2001 a man named raykurwil the inventor of the “strong al” which is a machine that has the intelligence or even more superior when compared with men in terms of ability. In his book kurweil estimate there will be a computer that can perform up to 10 quadtrilion calculations per second will be able to match all areas of the source of the human brain. It is estimated that this discovery will be realized in 2020. But there are other states that the founder of Microsoft who keragunannya whether a man-made machine can exceed human intelligence? The brain itself works using different ways which have a computer to do.

Diet pills
In the 1800s human imagining that there will be a food that is made from chemicals and can be consumed in capsule or tablet form. In this case will liberate all of the hassles of cooking, because if this becomes a reality cooking activities may not be in need again. In the future in the hope there is a pill that is able to contain everything necessary to make humans human right does not depend on natural resources for food and throw away the fear of anxiety starvation. This idea lasted for many – years and has not been ter realization and still be a fantasy story. But today many supplements that circulate inside the capsule and can meet the needs of nutrients. Perhaps in the future this diet pill could become a reality. Read more

The discovery of the Global Technology People Indonesia

Penemuan Teknologi Orang Indonesia yang Mendunia

The technology is evolving from era to era, it is continuously developed by humans to find something new. Many developed countries are already developing advanced technologies in various aspects such as weapons technology in the field of military technology in the field of health, and various other advanced technologies.

Not to be outdone by the developed countries in the world, Indonesia also developed a variety of advanced technologies either by finding new technologies. For those of you who do not know what the invention of the Indonesian technology worldwide, just below is a review that summarized from various sources.


  • OFDM-based 4G Telecommunications System
    The information is needed by humans to gain something, and communication can be done by people from very far away. This is supported by the telecommunications network. In 2010 a imuwan has created a telecommunications system with base 4G OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing). The telecommunication system into the list of technological inventions Indonesian.

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Principle How it Works Submarine

Prinsip Cara Kerja Kapal Selam Ternyata Cukup Sederhana

Who does not know the submarine? Besides being used as weapons of war are very deadly, a submarine is also an instrument arsenal of a country that is considered confidential. Why are considered confidential? This is because the submarine is not always visible to the eye because this thing can get into the water, and even some developed countries have sophisticated submarines that can not be captured by enemy radar therefore this submarine has nicknamed the silent killer.

However, if you know how to work the submarine so big and also weighs up to tens of tons can float and dive into the waters within a fairly short? It turns working principle is quite simple, and not many people know. For that, let’s look at some principles submarines below.

The workings of the submarine turned out to apply the legal principle of archimedes. Scientists of Greek origin is one scientist who is quite famous in the centuries and even until now. The working principle is quite simple archimedes law as a condition of an object can be said that if the buoyancy float must be greater than a weight of the object itself. If you are still confused on this archimedes principle you can listen to the first few sections of a submarine that has the duties and functions of each. Read more

Future Technology Tool

Alat Teknologi Masa Depan

Technology that had not previously been imagined by us, turned out in the present was already exist. First we might think that humans may not control things with his mind. Now this is all that has been missed, it turns out the great inventors of our times is able to create it. Various kinds of creatures found this is the coolest stuff that might soon be able to get. The following future technological tools that already exist and maybe soon you will get.

Jibo Robot
Since many years ago, people have great expectations to be a robot. We always dreamed that someday robots will be a friend and an important part of everyday human life. This time, it could be started now. Created by a team led by Cynthia genius Breazeal, a pioneer in the field of robotics and professors, they introduce Jibo: a first robot that is designed to be friendly to humans, and is able to help the various activities of the members of your family, young and old.

Jibo has a cute appearance, with a height of 28 centimeters and weighs less than 3 kilograms. The design reminds me a bit on the Eve robot in the movie Wall-E, with a rounded shape with no angle. Of course companions anehdidunia.com, Jibo can not fly or walk on his own. But the mechanism of the movement that has made Jibo can be turned in any direction at an angle of 360 degrees. This little robot is not just a clever interactive medium. Artificial intelligence technology in them claimed to have been far beyond Siri, Cortana, or owned by Google. Jibo AI algorithms enable it to learn and adapt in a family environment. He can see, hear, and communicate with you. Read more

How it Works Advanced Technology Aircraft

Cara Kerja Teknologi Pesawat Terbang Canggih

Aircraft became one of the practical means of transportation that can be used by human beings. Not just between cities or between provinces, even among countries you can get with just a short time. Aircraft became very influential in the discovery of human civilization, and how to work the airplane itself? Do you want to know how it works. Certainly not just to use it, you also need to know how to work on airplanes.

For some time, we are shocked by a variety of aircraft accidents, various media about how the process of the crash, components, also the way it works sometimes less we understand. It distinguishes aircraft with other means of transportation are certainly works as a means of transport by air, we may sometimes wonder how can a vehicle made of metal can fly at high altitudes.

All types of aircraft, both aircraft dragonfly or super jumbo aircraft like the Airbus A380 has a basic principle or the workings of the same aircraft to fly. The ability to fly is affected by aerodynamic forces, such as lift, drag, thrust and gravity. Various components on the aircraft have their respective functions. To be able to make an airplane that holds the key role is the aircraft wing components. During the flight the air flows upwards as well downwards. The air flowing over the wing faster than the air flowing under the wing, so the air pressure above the lower plane. At the same time the air below the wing too warped to the bottom, thus the lifting force of the air occurs based on the principle of action-reaction. The driving force is needed to fly the plane. Read more