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Latest Technology In Japan

Teknologi Terbaru Di Jepang

If discuss the state of Japan certainly can not be separated from the technology they have. Japan is well known with fairly rapid technological advances on the other countries in the Asian region is also known for its innovation in technology. Lots of Japanese-made products are flooding the world market, especially in the field of automotive products to electronics, and it is not loose and technological advancement of the country of Japan. Here we will invite you all to know the 5 latest technology in Japan that will make you amazed.

Apart from excelling in the field of automotive technology and electronics rupaya Japan also has other interesting latest technology in a number of areas, including in the field of food technology and robots. In recent years this country of Japan is being focused on the manufacture of one of the robot and the robot proceeds made in Japan are well known and the attention of a wide audience adalan advanced humanoid robot ASIMO. Without lingering below are 5 latest technology in Japan:

1. Medical Technology
Japan has recently successfully developed the latest technology in the medical field is to create an artificial joint result of the cooperation of the University of Tokyo. The artificial joint has advantages over its predecessor. Besides being easy to loose, the latest artificial joints can also be used in the long term. Read more

Darting Iran Space Technology

New Shahab

New Shahab

Embargo imposed on Iran did not hinder the country’s develop spaceship technology. Development is ready to make Iran into an Islamic state that dispatched their astronauts to the Moon in 2025. Not only that, Iran also became the first among their neighbors who have a space shuttle launch site.
Although relatively rapidly in developing space technology, Iran remains a cynical reaction from the Western world about the progress achieved. Western society is not merely to assess Iran’s plans to dispatch their astronauts to the moon. Moreover, Iran has a specific charge for the use of space technology as a medium for the development of ballistic missiles. “They are clearly using the technology for two purposes. Apart from scientific interests, military interests are also implied in it, “said Joan Johnson Freese, National Security Expert, Naval War College.
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