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Solar Panel Technology

Solar Panel Technology

A revolution in technology alternative back unsolved. A group of mechanical and Australian scientists have announced that they will soon be marketing a new technology in producing solar panels. The technology they create does not require a complicated way to produce solar panels, all they need is a printer! Yes, a printing machine that will quickly and cheaply can print solar panels onto the surface of any object, especially plastic! Naturally this innovation will decisively, sooner or later, push down the price of conventional solar panels are quite expensive because the manufacturing process is more complicated.

Research conducted by a combination of mechanical and scientists of this has been done down at least the last few years. One senior researcher mentioned that this new technology can easily print solar panels directly on the sheet of plastic or other material. In fact, it can also be printed directly onto electronic equipment sorts of laptops and smartphones, so they get a renewable energy source at any time.

We print it out on a plastic sheet is approximately equal to the process of printing banknotes. Connect it with other electronic equipment as well as easy as installing the battery. It’s very cheap! The interface is also quite different from the conventional silicon solar panels. He explained in more detail that the printed solar panels will appear transparent, thus making it very suitable to be applied to building homes and buildings.

Our next task is to improve the efficiency of the panel. We should be able to create a ‘printing ink’ which is able to absorb more solar energy. We are sure to be able to do in the next few years.

Humans Can Discover Alien Through Technology

menemukan alien

Scientists say that humans would find alien at 10 to 20 years into the future. The statement revealed by scientists in a recent interview.

The scientists say, humans do not live alone in this universe. Researchers believe people will find alien life on one or two decades to come.

Will know where to look, we know how to see it, and in many cases have the technology. Alien is not a large-sized creatures, attacking the earth as depicted in the film. Read more