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Differences UTP and STP cable

Perbedaan Kabel UTP dan Kabel STP

Cables UTP and STP cables generally do look alike. Both the cable into the category of twisted pair can not be considered equal. UTP and STP cable types into a type of cable is often used in building computer networks. Besides the two wires at the top there is also a type of fiber optic cable which is also used to build a computer network. Type of fiber optic cable does have a data transfer rate that is faster.

Given the important role UTP and STP cables have fundamental differences that need to be known. For more details about any differences over UTP and STP cable wires? Let’s go see the discussion below!

Here Differences UTP and STP cable

In terms of installation
UTP cabling in terms of installation to have a smaller size and materials used thinner material, so that when doing the installation process menggunakankabel types of UTP easier to do. However, to maximize the installation process by using UTP cable types require a device such as an aluminum pipe or pipes of plastic. Read more