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Change Mobile Phone Being PC, Microsoft Want to Do It

Smartphones are very practical in use, it is small and simple, making it easy to carry anywhere. Microsoft wants to change the mobile device (smartphone or tablet) become like a real PC, which lets you work wherever you are. The new handheld device that would later be able to run Windows software, have a cellular connection, and power-saving.

At WinHEC hardware conference event held in Shenzhen, China, Microsoft announced the Windows operating system will be able to run on devices that use ARM architecture. Microsoft and Qualcomm (for ARM chipset suppliers) have agreed to work together to make the air-Qualcomm chipset can run Windows OS. The first device will start shipping in 2017. This step was taken because Microsoft saw high demand for connected PC more power efficient. Microsoft even mention the type of device and the term “cellular PC”. Read more

Computer World’s Smallest

Komputer Terkecil di Dunia

Could there be a computer is only as big as the smallest mobile phone charger? Computers typically bulky and takes up a lot of places to put it, need more space to put pc, screen, keyboard and other devices.

Now it appears the computer in the form of a super mini so that the size of a 2-inch dice shaped like a box. Cubox, the name given to the smallest computer. Despite its small size, but the computer does not lose performance when compared with the computer normally.

Specifications are owned by cubox using 800 megahertz dual-issue processor ARM SoC PJ4 marvell 510 fleet, with embedded RAM of 2 GB. Read more

New Powerful Data Recovery Software: 7-Data Recovery

There are many reasons of why people losing their important data, it can be due to the virus attack, system trouble or crashes, and even some simple things like accidentally deleting the important one along with the unnecessary data. And no matter how good your computing skill is, such thing will always happen in your days utilizing the computer. Well, it is not yesterday or today, but it can be tomorrow is the hardest day for you losing such really sensitive data of your company. And instead of getting yourself be really frustrated, while also doing random things may even lead everything to be worsen, the best thing you can do once it happen is just to install 7-Data Recovery for immediate help.

7-Data Recovery is a software designed to provide advanced data recovery solution for computer end-user. You can count on it for instant solution to recover the deleted or corrupted data due to system malfunction. With years of experience and excellent services provided, the company had dedicated much of their time and effort to create and develop such amazing software like 7-Data Recovery. No matter how hard the situation it seems to be, and either it caused by the virus infection, accidental deleting, or system crash, 7-Data Recovery will always be the best solution available to recover the files. And the best thing about using a data recovery software is that you only have to pay once for the license for unlimited use.

So, instead of hiring one of those data recovery experts, now you can do the whole things yourself and avoid paying each time you need to recover files. Also, as it done by you or your trusted fellow colleagues, these files will be completely safe and secured. Now you can maintain full privacy on your computer. You can download the software for trial at http://7datarecovery.com/file/7data-recovery.zip. And simply get the premium license for unlimited access to all features and services at http://7datarecovery.com. You can learn many thing about the software there too.


Computer Network

Computer Network

Computer networks is not something new today. Almost in every company there is a computer network to facilitate the flow of information within the company. Internet is gaining in popularity today is a giant computer network that is connected to a computer network and can interact with each other. This can occur because of the development of network technology is very rapid, so that in a few short years the number of users of computer networks belonging to the Internet doubled.

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