South Korea will present mobile Internet access speed 300 mbps at the end of 2014



South Korea is one country that is known for the highest internet speed in the world . And Internet users in the country was going to increasingly spoiled when using mobile devices . One of the local telephone operator , SK Telecom will bring the mobile Internet services with speeds of up to 300 Mbps by the end of 2014.

To bring these services , SK Telecom also uses a new technology called LTE – Advanced 3band . This technology is an improvement of LTE and LTE – Advanced . As known , the LTE technology could bring Internet access to 75Mbps , while LTE – Advanced increased to 150Mbps . 3band and LTE -Advanced technologies can provide increased access speed is very significant .

Party SK Telecom also said that the super-fast mobile internet access was expected to meet customer satisfaction . They say that the download file size of 800 MB can be reached in just 22 seconds with LTE – A technology 3band them. Download time was also faster than previous technologies , namely LTE – A ( 43 seconds ) , LTE ( 85 seconds ) and 3G ( 7 minutes 24 seconds ) .

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