SK Hynix RAM chip LPDDR3 Introduce World’s First 8GB Capacity

SK Hynix

SK Hynix

A company called SK Hynix has just announced their latest product which is claimed to be the first LPDDR3 8GB RAM chip in the world. Hynix party also said that the chip will begin to be mass produced at the end of this year.

In the presence of the RAM chip, the smartphone manufacturers can develop a high end mobile phone specification hers. Previously, Samsung which is the largest mobile RAM chip manufacturer said that they would produce LPDDR3 4GB RAM chip. But until now, they still have not made ??a smartphone which has a capacity of 4GB of RAM.

SK Hynix parties through VP Sales and Marketing Richard Chin said that the existence of their own RAM chips will have a major impact in the development of mobile devices. They also claim that it is ready to be one of the suppliers for manufacturers who want to create high-quality mobile devices.

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