Robotic Arm to Help People Move Paralyzed Mind Control

robotic arm

robotic arm

Just like it is not a hoax or a scene in the movie, but it really exists. With a device that reads brain waves, a paralyzed woman can move robotic arm just by thinking it. Shown in a video, with the aid of the woman commanded robotic arms to give him chocolate and help move things everyday where the robot arm is controlled by the mind.

To Jan Scheuermann, 53-year-old Pittsburgh woman, the robot arm has been like his own arm. He was diagnosed with a degenerative brain disorder since 13 years ago so the organs below the neck and into total paralysis.

“It’s really cool,” Scheuermann said during the press conference. “I’m moving stuff. I could not move for about 10 years … It’s not a matter of thinking which way but enough to think ‘I want to do’. ”

He showed that the robotic arm to feed cheese and hot chocolate, as well as the objects move in a series of tests designed to restore stroke victims, and he was also able to do it as fast as a healthy person in general.

The experts call it a tremendous step forward in which the robotic arm is able to be controlled directly by the brain. Other systems allow paralyzed patients have to type or write a letter with a car through mind control. Developers and scientists predict the technology could eventually be used to cut the nerve damage and revive paralyzed muscles.

Meanwhile, reported the similar system developed by U.S. researchers which is trying to be a robot ‘exoskeletons’ could help paralyzed people to run.

“It gives new hope,” said Michael Boninger, one who worked on the study, “The first day we helped move the robotic arm, there is tremendous joy smiles at that. He could think to move his arms and finally happened. “

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