Robot as we know it is a human-shaped machine
who can talk and walk like a human. The robot is one
of this type of robot based on its shape, namely the Android category:

Based on the form,
robot consists of the categories:

Invented in the 1970s and Turtle name taken from its home-like

This kind of shaped like a robot vehicle equipped with wheels and
moves like a car. The difference with the car is the ability

This robot forms tend to be short and also features such as type of vehicle wheels
as in the R2-D2 in Star Wars. The robot is also equipped with some type of
function for example the ability to detect a fire or detect an object.

Robot type is not equipped with such type of vehicle and wheel rover, but
moves with the foot. This robot is usually shaped like insects and
equipped with a 6 foot.

Is a robotic arm that is normally used to retrieve and
moving items. This arm can be mounted on a robot that moves, or at
a static place.

This robot is designed to resemble humans and have the ability to
communicate with humans.
While based on the robot control process consists of:

Automatic Robot
Automatic robot moves based on the commands that have been programmed
previous or based on input from the sensors

This type of mobile robot based on the commands sent
either manually via the remote control, PC or a joystick.

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