Robot cameras help photographers Covering London Olympics

Robot Camera

Robot Camera

Get a good shot from various angles is one of the challenges photographers. No exception for a living as a sports photographer. Not losing my mind, the two photographers was assemble a robot that is attached to a DSLR camera to photograph the work is satisfactory.

Yes, perhaps the use of robots for the purpose of photography is not new. But for some audiences, the action is still interesting to observe.

Fabrizio Bensch and Pawel Kopczynski is a photographer from the Reuters news agency that performs a grand sports event coverage in the London Olympics.

They utilize the mount – a special kind of support – so that DSLR cameras are placed can be controlled remotely via a computer and joystick.

These settings include camera movements and zooming, quoted from DPReview, Friday (06/07/2012)

Taking advantage of the remote control, camera placement ultimately does not matter. The result is images with an angle of ‘unusual’.

Contained in a blog post on the Reuters site, Bensch said that he had been working on the Kopczynski and robotic technologies since 2009. Make something impossible possible is their goal.

Before embarking on a big debut at the Games to be held in London later, both to test this technology in the arena of World Athletics Championship in South Korea and also in other sports event in Istanbul.

“Often times I use climbing equipment,” Pawel Kopczynski wrote in his blog as he recounted the process of installing cameras in high positions.

“A lot of athletes who will see the robotic camera, but they will never see where the photographer behind the lens,” he said further.

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