Researchers from the University Japanese Create Robotic Wheelchairs Can Climb Stairs

Motorists robot

Motorists robot

Climbing the stairs is one of the difficulties often faced by disabled people who use wheelchairs. Moreover, not all buildings provide access for the disabled. However, these problems can be overcome with a wheelchair robot created by researchers from the Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan.

The researchers managed to create a robot that is able to deal with these difficulties, specifically the ability to climb stairs. In addition, using this robot is not difficult. Motorists robot can use this robot should an ordinary wheelchair. To operate it, you use a joystick is used to control the speed and direction of movement.

Uniquely, the robot is able to detect if there is a ladder in front of him. Furthermore, the wheels on this robot was converted to a foot and raised to do this step.

Moreover this robot riders will feel comfortable, even in the uneven surface. The robot is designed to maintain the position of the user to set the wheel height and balance.

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