Rapyuta Create Online Database of Specially Designed for Robots



Internet sites such as Wikipedia does give tremendous knowledge for Internet users. And, now, the robot also has a similar site that was developed by a group of researchers called Rapyuta.

Through the site, a robot can acquire computing support for a command that does not know. That way, the robot can be created with the specifications that are not too expensive, but still could have a good ability.

For example, using this Rapyuta site, a robot would be able to perform activities such as domestic helpers to help. Not to forget of course is the ability to understand the ability to translate the language of command.

Currently, the development of robotic technology is the middle-high high. Many researchers are trying to create robots that can replace human daily tasks. And, with the addition of Rapyuta technology, researchers will likely be able to make the robot housekeeper that can be sold at a bargain price.

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