Pupils Picture can be said the mystery of crime



Eye not only serves as the sense of sight . With the help of latest technology , pupils photos can be used to solve criminal mysteries .

Psychology researchers from the University of York , UK , Dr Rob Jenkins and Christie Kerr of the University of Glasgow , Scotland has conducted a study that shows the potential of the pupil ‘s photograph .

In their study , they simulate photograph crime . This scheme to test the victim’s eye reflection in the photo . In the simulation , Rob and Christie photograph of eight people who were seeing four people behind the camera .

Photo eight eyes were then analyzed with a high resolution camera . And the result , the researchers were able to accurately identify images of people who are behind the camera earlier .

Accuracy of the events mentioned could help solve the crime , although the quality of blurred images .

Researchers say future forensic facial images could be used to support the assignment of criminal investigators . Therefore , facial images can be shown to indicate the surrounding scenery . The task of arresting criminals can be quickly implemented .

However , to produce pictures of faces that could be a clue trail of crime , there needs to be a record . Photos must be made in the face of a high -resolution camera . the researchers simulated using Hasselblad camera with a resolution of 39 MP .

Not only that , the position also required pupils staring at the camera directly . Although it is still fairly difficult , but this option can be tried as an alternative to breaking the deadlock criminal mystery .

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