Play Lots of Super Mario Bros for Free

Super Mario Bros is a classic video games which very famous all over the globe. Actually Super Mario Bros is a sequel game that created in 1985 as a follow up of first arcade game Mario Bros in 1983. The popular video game is developed by Nintendo. If you play the game, you will play as Mario and second player will play Luigi (Mario’s brother). Super Mario Bros game is all about how Mario saves Princess Toadstool in Mushroom Kingdom from the bad guy Bowser and the other enemies.

Super Mario Bros is a classic video game but it also the best selling video game ever because they having sold over 40 million copies of the game over the world. Although we can find many new games lately, Super Mario Bros still become a best choice for kid’s game and irreplaceable.  If you want to play super mario games, you can play for free now. Play flash game Super Mario Bros online and some fun. You can play your favorite Super Mario Bros games every time, day and night online. You can play Infinite Mario, Mario and Friends, Super Mario World, Mario Comba, Mario Land and Mario’s Adventure. These games are great for boys and girls. You can also play Mario and Princess Peach Dress Up. The girls will love this game.

The game is about how to dress Mario and Princess Peach up. There is variety of clothes that you can choose for the Princess. It is simple and will train your creativity. For you who like play arcade game, you can select Super Mario Icy Tower. The arcade game will treat you with colorful graphics and cool music and sounds. This is a game for everyone, old and young. So, what are you waiting for? Visit the site and play your favorite Mario Bros for Free!

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