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Cell Phone Watch

Cell Phone Watch

Watchphone or cell phones watches that are packed in the form of a wristwatch. Size is greater than the watches in general and about the same as sport watches.

The discovery of technology aimed at mobile phone watches to improvise based on the use of mobile phone function watches a very practical use of the functions of nature. Unlike mobile phones in general, watch mobile phone used by installing it on your wrist will make users do not bother to open the bag or dug into the bag when a call. Because the mobile phone watches are always in a state mounted on the wrist, the watch mobile phone users will avoid the risk of misplaced and lost (error laying and loss).
The use of mobile phone watches are also aiming to conserve electrical energy. The phone in general should routinely be recharged with electricity to meet the energy demands on the battery. While the batteries used in mobile phone watch is the battery used in watches, which do not need to re-charge on a regular and long lasting.

Mechanisms of use

Forms such as mobile phone watches sport watches, are not allowed to apply as on the phone keypad buttons. To replace the function keypad, mobile phone watch has a softkey on the side. Phone watches generally pick the 5 softkey button. Two of the key functions as the switch on and off the phone also functions as the select button and the button to return to the previous menu. Three other buttons, it turns out to change the headline menu that can only be moved to the vertical direction (up and down).

Phone watches in general use touch screen technology or a touchscreen for operation over continued. Usually equipped with a stylus pen tucked in the belt watch. In standby, the phone screen will display the clock. But when the screen is touched, the display immediately changes such as an active cell phone display. When the display is to display the active cell phones, cell phone watches user can begin to operate the menu by using the stylus pen or combine with the existing softkey function.

Watch mobile phone users make and receive phone calls by pressing the button that is usually located in the center of the screen. When the button is pressed, a row of numbers will appear. Then the user just enter the phone watches the destination number, and press the call. The watch phone has a sensor that can automatically analyze where the location of cell phone watches to make it easier to answer phone calls.

If the user’s mobile phone watches to receive incoming calls, he did not bother pressing the answer button. To answer a phone call, users simply move the phone watches the hand approached the mouth and ears, and can directly talk. To hang up the phone, watch mobile phone users also only need to move the hand back to its original position and the phone automatically disconnected.

This is because the automatic sensor-owned watches can analyze the location of mobile phone watches will now answer the call. When the user watches his hand to answer phone calls, cell phone watches to be analyzed is above shoulder height, so that phone calls will be active. If the phone is finished, the user watches the phone will return the hand to its original position. Currently mobile phone watches are under shoulder height, so a phone call automatically disconnected. Automatic sensor technology is called position-sensitive switch.

Besides relying on the automatic sensors, to make and receive calls, users can also watch mobile phone using a Bluetooth handsfree. This tool is installed in the ear and uses Bluetooth technology to receive signals calls and send messages so that users do not need to watch mobile lifting and lowering his hands on the phone. Bluetooth handsfree can also be used to enjoy music.


The technology applied in the feature phone watches have now been almost equal to the technologies in mobile phones latest models. Examples of features are applied in mobile phone watches are:


The watch phone has an audio player. Audio player will not function optimally if it is not heard with Bluetooth handsfree. Music capacity can be accommodated at the hands of the phone is not as much capacity for music on mobile phones that have internal memory is limited cell phone watches and can not be added. Phone watches in general do not have the space to the external memory along.


The watch phone has GPRS feature that can be used for internet browsing. To view his web phone watches using the help of WAP 2.0 and xHTML browser. But the small screen size reduces the convenience of users watch mobile phone to use the internet features.


Several types of watches already have a camera phone. Usually large 1.3 MP image resolution. But just as the Internet, small screen size detract camera. Camera phone watches should be more widely used hidden camera functions.


Several types of mobile phone watches have radio facilities. Handsfree Bluetooth also works to use the radio on the phone watches.


Besides the Bluetooth connection as described above, the watch phone also features a device to transfer data through a data cable. Data format that can be transferred among other songs, pictures, and videos.


Most of the classified phone watches sport watch that is suitable for outdoor activities. Belt was an average made of rubber synthesis. Synthetic rubber is guaranteed quality because the provider is usually a brand-famous brand sports equipment. Phone watches in general are also waterproof.


The watch phone also features a game (usually based on Java) though not much because of limited memory and less attractive due to limited on-screen.

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