Outlook.com, the Newer and Upgraded Version of Hotmail

Do you ever heard about Outlook.com? How about Hotmail.com? Actually Outlook.com is a new form of HotMail.com. Outlook is an upgraded version of Hotmail. It is the new web mail service from Microsoft. Outlook.com, the new Microsoft web-based email impressed people from the first time they saw it. The good thing about this new version of Hotmail is it has clear and fast user interface. You will find far more modern and minimalist look interface of Outlook.  It can lead tools for maintaining a clean, junk-free inbox and social-network integrations. Just so you know after less than four months since its release, Outlook.com attracted over 25 million users.

Microsoft has introduced new service and new features which make the newest version of hotmail become more useful and functional.  It is easy to connect OutLook.com with social networking platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Gmail.  This Microsoft web mail service is integrated with Office and Windows as well. So, contacts from popular social networking platforms can be synchronized with Outlook.  Outlook is better, newer, and more improved version of Hotmail that introduced by Microsoft. You will find email service with OutLook.com but a new cloud based solution. User will find new look and Skype to enable video calling in this website.

This new web mail service provides improved mailbox cleanup tools, a much speedier interface and the ability to attach large files via web storage using SkyDrive. With this web storage, user can attach a file with size up to 300MB. Not just the webmail service that changes, a dropdown next to the main icon in the interface offers access to other suite members. It similar to the way Apple’s iCloud Web apps do. Many people have outlook account now and you also can start create an outlook account now. Visit the official website to know more.

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