One of the world’s first laptop

IBM Portable PC 5100

IBM Portable PC 5100

Nowadays more and more laptop tiny, compact, and convenient to carry anywhere because of light weight. But you know if there are first-generation laptop that weighs 24 pounds and priced at a car?

Yes, the laptop is very heavy when compared to similar products at this time, even once the price is extraordinary that sold USD 19.975. Enough to buy a family car at the moment.

The portable computer also did not have long cool, like the MacBook Air or Ultrabook, but merely referred to the IBM Portable PC 5100. While the laptop specs are:

CPU: IBM proprietary, 1.9 MHz
RAM: 16K, 64K max
Display: 5 “monochrome monitor 64 X 16 text
Storage: Internal 200K tape (DC300)
Ports: tape / printer I / O port
OS: APL and / or BASIC

The world’s first portable computer is starting to be sold en mass in 1975 but discontinued starting in 1978. So that was quoted on Monday (7/23/2012).


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