Nokia has a flexible design patents battery

flexible battery

flexible battery

Smartphones with flexible screens are now officially introduced to the market . Samsung and LG are two of the first companies to launch a curved screen smartphone . And it turns out , other companies may have similar plans . At least one of them is Nokia .

This is revealed by the existence of patents battery with a flexible design that can be folded owned by Nokia . With the battery , the Finnish company can produce properly belongs to a curved screen smartphone LG . As is known , the LG G Flex which has a curved screen also comes with a similar battery .

With this battery technology , Nokia also very possible to make a smartphone with an increasingly thin size . This smartphone battery has characteristics that can be folded . Nokia noted that there is usually a space that is wasted between the battery casing . And with this flexible battery technology , they were able to maximize the existing space . Not only that , the battery could have contrived Nokia smartphones will have a much different design with a battery that is now used , and the possibility of Nokia products later become a leader in the market , who knows …

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