Nintendo 3DS devices Work for Medical Purposes?

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS

The last end of 2010, that Nintendo never issued a warning to advise that children under age six should not be allowed to play games using the latest 3DS Nintendo handheld gaming because they can influence the development of their eye muscles. But the assumption is apparently just been denied by the ophthalmologist would assess if the device is Nintendo’s latest game can actually be useful in diagnosing the problem early on children’s growth.

And even Michael Duenas, who represents the American Optometric Association, has also been confirmed that Nintendo 3DS handheld gaming device that can actually be useful for identifying children who are under age 6 who need vision therapy. The association believes that children who suffer from diseases such as amblyopia issues, or more commonly known as lazy eye disease, reportedly will be quickly detected because of their inability to see the effect of three-dimensional view that is one of the main advantages of the Nintendo 3DS owned it.

On the other hand, someone who saw the visual three-dimensional growth could have had eye problems when the person feels uncomfortable with accompanying headache. So to avoid things that are not desirable, it helps if the person examined and intensive care by a physician.

This regard, the American Optometric Association also stated that in general most of the problems of the eye usually affects children who have not the age of six years. And therefore, at this time pengujianpun only addressed on a number of children who are under six years.
And even other ophthalmologists also express the same things relating to the benefits to be gained from the use of the Nintendo 3DS this as a diagnostic tool. However, the specialists seem to still need time to prove even further before actually considered beneficial for the medical purposes of course.

Previously Kinect motion sensor system made by Microsoft that was released in early November 2010 ago, reportedly also been successfully used for medical purposes are two different but equally important. As you well know together, Kinect device is said to now be used for operations that allow doctors to quickly view and explore the visual diagnosis through the present, without having to move from a sterile environment and also without having to touch it. And so far, the existence of this new method has made the operation more quickly and more cheaply. In addition, this device can also be used to make the evaluation and testing associated with some psychological and psychiatric disorders suffered by the children more objectively through the 3D visual response.

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