New Agricultural Technologies in Agro-Mashov Exhibition of Israel



The organizers of the exhibition Agro-Mashov is proud to say as long as 19 years ago, some of the technologies associated with agriculture (agriculture) is the most advanced and latest research findings from around the world have exhibited at this fair.

If we can extend the life of fruits and vegetables, can we overcome the global food crisis? Here is one possible solution of the problem.

Yishay Freedman, a product showcase “Conrad Disinfection” said, “This is to improve the short life of fruits and vegetables. For example in the spices and basil, these products can enhance their lives from a few days to several weeks. ”

To overcome the water crisis, a computerized “Auto-agronomists” to monitor water use and fertilizer on the growth of the crop. Nissim Daniely and Rotem, and of the “Auto-agronomists” explains, “Auto-agronomists are a unique irrigation system where he can determine by itself, automatically, when and how much water and fertilizer needed. Main benefit of this is saving a lot of water -50% of water and 80% of fertilizer-which means avoiding pollution of groundwater. ”

And to assist desertification, innovation “TerraCottem Soil Conditioner” found in Belgium. Naftali of TeraCottem Tom explains: “TeraCottem created to stop the growing deserts in Africa … It’s like a bubble with water in it, so that plant roots can suck water from the bubble.”

Agro-Mashov fair was a great success. Organizers hope the visitors to take a more proactive approach to conserve water and protect the world environment and make more progress in the field of agriculture.

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