Cutting-edge technology that has been newly developed technology is nano (nano technology will). It is said nano technology because the technology is to apply the material in nano-meter size. This means that each particle is used as a constituent material in nano-meter size. Nano meter is a very small size when viewed with the naked eye even with the naked eye can not see. If used in the size of the nano-meter meter equal to 1:0,000000001 meters.

Why and whether the reversed particle size of nano meter with advanced technology saved? The principle idea of nano technology is very simple, namely that by applying the particle size with a smaller size then the physical and mechanical properties (mechanical properties) of the material will increase. This is due to the increasing number of inhibiting cracking.

Inhibiting cracking of a material can be suppressed by reduction of particle sizes used in the constituent materials. The smaller the size partiekel used the better the material’s mechanical properties. Besides having a more compact size also has the strength and ductility can be reliable.

Grain boundary between a single particle with other particles in a material is an inhibitor of the crack. Then the material with the same volume, but the one composed of many particles (nano-meter scale) while the other is composed of little particles (milli-meter scale) would have cracked the different obstacles. In the material that is composed of many partiekel will have more crack resistance because it has a growing number of grain boundaries as well. Whereas the initial damage of a material that is initiated from the crack propagation. The propagating crack propagation depends on the magnitude of the applied voltage that ultimately there is damage.

So the core of this technology is how to pursue nano particles with very small size (nano meter) to be applied as a tough material.

Nano technology is actually not a new technology that has been intensively developed new technologies that apply the material but very little has been known by many people since time immemorial. However, these technologies have problems in its development is the creation (production) particles in nano-meter size.

If there are no obstacles in producing nanometer-size particles in a uniform no longer hayal development of nanotechnologies will grow very fast. Particles in nanometer size is actually easily produced by means of milling on the particle in a long time to load large milling. Surely some of the particles that would be the size of the nano-meter scale. However, for menseragamkan particles in nano-meter size is more difficult.

Nano-meter size particles in a uniform can be created when the milling particles are passed on a mesh (sieve) in nano-meter size is also of course. Now how to create mesh with such a small scale. This is actually the main obstacle in applying nanotechnologies.

It is therefore highly desirable to be able to create particles with nano-meter size somehow to materialize. With the availability of nano-meter size particles with nano technology must be developed rapidly due to not having problems making material.

Preparation of material from the base material particles can be done with many things, among others, by applying the Powder Metallurgy (Method of Powder Metallurgy), composite technology, or even ceramic technology.

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