Monitor Hurricane, Taiwan Use Super Computers

Super Computer PRIMEHPC FX10 (fujitsu)

Super Computer PRIMEHPC FX10 (fujitsu)

Super computers are used is made by Fujitsu, named PRIMEHPC FX10. Later this powerful tool will use Central Weather Bureau (Central Weather Bureau / CWB) of Taiwan.

The new system configuration based super computer PRIMEHPC FX10 will begin to be launched within three years is gradually starting in 2012.

In the early stages, is scheduled to begin operations in January 2013, and the realization of achieving peak performance – that is beyond a petaflop – plan would be achieved in December 2014.

This performance level is estimated to 100 times greater than the system currently owned by CWB, so this will make it one of the leading super computers in meteorology.

In addition to helping Taiwan weather forecasts, these systems while improving the country’s ability to monitor and predict hurricanes, tropical storms and other severe weather disturbances.

This is an important thing for Taiwan, given the country’s location at the border zone of tropical and subtropical climates. Then the system will also improve monitoring and analysis of Taiwan-related long-term climate change.

Founded in 1941, Taiwan CWB is a government body tasked to monitor and provide weather forecasting, earthquake and tsunami for the whole of Taiwan.

By using a new super computer system, CWB wanted to have the monitoring capabilities for faster and better accuracy in forecasting the weather disturbance. That way, the CWB hopes to minimize interference from the weather that will hit Taiwan, such as hurricanes and tropical storms because it is situated in tropical and subtropical zones.

“When we were planning to use the new system, we made a plan about the resources that will be needed to improve the accuracy of weather forecasting and analysis for the use of large-scale applications,” said Director of Meteorological Information Center shyoung CWB-Shiang Shen.

“The new CWB system, after configured, will become one of the world’s leading super computers used for Meteorology,” said President & CEO of Fujitsu Taiwan Ichiro Ikegami, in his official statement.

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