Mobile Era Started 40 Years Ago

Era Handphone Dimulai 40 Tahun Lalu

Forty years ago, on 3 April 1973, the era of mobile (phone) starts in the streets of New York City. The historic first phone call made by the director of the operating system for corporate communications division.

In 1973, there were no cordless phone or cell phone.

In a release in 1973, “mobile radio telephone” named Dyna-Tac-called can be operated with the radio frequency and talking on a telephone connection (conventional) anywhere in the world.

That means that in a city that has a system Dyna-Tac, people can call while driving a taxi, walk down the street, sitting in a restaurant or anywhere else that can reach a radio signal.

The new phone is called ‘brick’ because of its size that is similar to the bricks used to build houses. Weighing approximately 1 kilogram with dimensions of 22,86cm x 17,7cm x 4,44cm. Talks to do a relatively short because the battery is only 35 minutes long and needs 10 hours to be recharged.

Then fine-tune his new discovery about 10 years later when the company was commercially introduced the “bricks” are thinner, Dyna-Tac 8000X in 1983. The weight of this phone is less than half a kilogram and sold at a price of US $ 3,995.

Phone Has Changed

Technology for mobile phones has advanced rapidly since then, with the cellular networks larger and more sophisticated, and the phones themselves have evolved into multifunctional smartphones and provide Internet access and other features such as camera, music player and video.

The number of mobile phone users jumped from 340 213 in 1985, according to the trade organization CTIA, the Wireless Association, to more than six billion today, according to a report issued telecoms United Nations last October.

Nowadays, more and more people are no longer using landline phone service and only use their mobile phones as the only form of telephone communication. In a number of developing countries that do not have a landline telephone infrastructure, communications companies no longer bother to build a terrestrial system is complicated and expensive, but directly invest and build mobile phone systems or mobile phones are massive.

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