Microsoft Surface Prime Tablet Coming in Version Wi-Fi

Microsoft Surface Tablet

Microsoft Surface Tablet

Surface of Microsoft’s Tablet, rumored to be present in the first version of Wi-Fi to connect to the internet. Microsoft has yet to provide Wi-Fi version of the Surface + cellular network connection (3G or 4G).

This was disclosed by two people who did not want to be named, as quoted by Bloomberg. Microsoft spokesman declined to comment on this issue yet.

According to Ben Bajarin, an analyst with tech consulting firm Creative Strategies, steps to make Surface Wi-Fi version will hit the sales price. However, Bajarin warned, this step will reduce the effort to promote the Surface as a tablet that can be connected to the Internet where and in any way.

“Customers are more interested in working in any location, do not want to be bound by the Wi-Fi only,” Bajarin said.

Meanwhile, according to analysts from research institute Gartner, Carolina Milanesi, a move Microsoft is still relevant to the needs of the community. Surface does not matter if the first one will be present in the version of Wi-Fi, because many people are choosing Wi-Fi tablet.

The option is usually taken as Wi-Fi versions are cheaper than the version of Wi-Fi + cellular networks. “Wi-Fi model is not a limit to the Surface,” Milanesi added.

Surface, which Microsoft announced last week, planned to begin shipping in late 2012. By making the tablet operating system and the device itself, to change the old strategy of the company that is focused on the software (software) computer.

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