Microsoft Provide 11 Million Hotspots for Windows Phone 8 in the World

Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8

Microsoft is trying to increase the interest of the consumer to the Windows Phone OS. One of them is to provide DataSense feature that allows users of Windows Phone 8 to access the free hotspot provided by the company.

This feature allows after Microsoft formed a partnership with a company called Devicescape. The company is a regular institution tasked to deploy mobile traffic via WiFi networks.

The company also now has over 11 million hotspots spread all over the world. In addition, the hotspot will also have access to a stable and had undergone tests. And, with features DataSense, Windows Phone 8 mobile users will be able to access the WiFi network owned by Devicescape for free. As a first step, this feature will be enabled for WP8 phones from Verizon.

Unfortunately, to use this feature free WiFi, users WP8 still have to log in manually. So that the mobile phone users must check the availability of hotspots from Devicescape. But the company is seeking so that users can automatically login WP8 three hotspots found.

However, this advantage seems to be fully utilized by mobile phone users in the United States WP8. None other not because most of the possession Devicescape WiFi network in the United States.

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