Martin Jetpack, can fly up to 74 km / h

Martin Jetpack

Martin Jetpack

Fly to the sky now not only able to use the aircraft . You can also do it by wearing a jetpack . One of them is Martin Jetpack that is scheduled to go on sale to the public in mid- 2014.

Martin Jetpack is a device that is safe and has been certified by the flight crew as a Class 1 microlight . Jetpack , developed by New Zealand -based company called Martin Aircraft Company has experienced some testing . The company also has made ??a prototype jetpack ‘s 12 since 2010 , and the last named P12 .

P12 prototype , said Martin Aircraft Company CEO Peter Cooker , have the ability to very much more sophisticated than previous versions . The jetpack also provides ease in maneuvering in the air . In addition , the jetpack has a maximum speed of up to 74 kilometers per hour . With full premium gas filling , the jetpack can fly for 30 minutes .

Jetpack is capable of flying at heights up to 900 meters , but recommended only at a height of 150 meters for safety reasons . In addition , it also has a jetpack high noise , achieving 95dB . By doing so , the company also suggested that user ‘s jetpack wearing hearing protection in addition to other protection such as helmet , neck protector , boots and gloves .

Martin Jetpack is likely to be sold at a price of 100 thousand USD in the United States . Price does not include other costs such as taxes or shipping charges . The possibility of the total price will be about 150 thousand to 200 thousand USD .

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