ITW Military Ground Support Equipment

Those working in a requisitioning or training capacity at military air installations can get ground support equipment at company manufactures fixed and mobile fighter aircraft support equipment and offers other beneficial services as well.

The categories of supplies ITW Military manufactures are: * Ground frequency converters such as 270 VDC/400 Hz Dual Output Converters and 400 Hz Solid-State Converter 45 to 90 kVA * Preconditioned PCA and combination carts, like the JO3C Pre-conditioned Air Module or the ASP-100 Air Start * Battery chargers and power supplies * an assortment of spare and replacement parts The company’s goal is to provide a full range of service for military contractors and service technicians. Aside from parts manufacturing, ITW also offers training for ground support staff and repair services.

They can provide training in basic repair techniques and advanced maintenance, as well as online operations support. ITW Military Ground Support Equipment can provide both in-country and regional support services, periodic maintenance agreements, periodic service contracts, and basic tech support.

They have advanced training services and can offer one-time and emergency maintenance on an as-needed basis. ITW also publishes a variety of data and field service maintenance manuals. A visit to the Support and Resources page reveals a convenient means to download specs and product data sheets and to file requisitions for spare and replacement parts for ground support equipment. Those working at overseas installations can jump to the ‘find a rep’ page and look up field representatives by clicking on a world map.

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