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iphone 5

iphone 5

The fifth-generation iPhone to be launched this year is rumored to have a larger screen than the iPhone 4S series.

The screen on the iPhone 5 will be an area of 4 inches or 0.5 inches wider than the sail iPhone 4S 3.5 inches. Wall Street Journal also writes iPhone Apple reportedly began production on June 5 this.

Apple is known for the plan has established cooperation with manufacturers such as LG Display Co., Sharp Corp., and Japan Display Inc, which is a joint venture of three companies and the Japanese government.

The addition of this screen are part of how Apple deal with competition in the smart phone market which is marked by the advent of widescreen phones. Samsung Galaxy S III, for example, which launched earlier this month, has a 4.8-inch landscape display, one of the largest smart phone screen there.

Apple tries to survive with a 3.5-inch screen iPhone since the first series was launched in 2007 to the iPhone 4S in 2010. However, the trend of smart phones that are competing to have the wide screen can not be ignored by Apple.

Apple now has to face the increasingly fierce competition, especially from Samsung. According to Strategy Analytics market research, in the first quarter of this year Samsung has sent 44.5 million smartphone units and controls 30.6 percent of the global market. This performance exceeds that sent Apple 35.1 million units to 24.1 percent market share.

The analysts even projected by Samsung smartphone shipments will double this year.

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