Interesting Facts About Application Google Maps and Street View



Google Maps application to be one of the most widely used map of the world. No wonder when Apple replaces Google Maps with Apple Maps, many iPhone owners who feel loss. So, what makes Google Maps so make a lot of users are interested in? Here are some facts related to Google Maps.

1. Today, by combining the satellite data, aerial view of the data and street views, Google Maps has up to 20 petabytes of data. The data is equivalent to 21 million gigabytes, or about 20,500 terabytes.

2. Depending on the availability of data, Google will upload images update every two weeks. For Street View, Google will update as soon as possible, there is no definite timetable.

3. Google has the technology that will automatically blur faces to protect a person’s privacy in Street View. In addition, users can also ask it to Google.

4. Satellites used in the Google Maps application is an application of a third-party provider.

5. Google provides some spectacular views in the building. This service is available in the United States, Australia, England, New Zealand, France, Canada, Ireland and the Netherlands. In addition, you can also walk around in a virtual world to some of the famous landmarks.

6. Currently, Google uses that is equipped with 15 cameras and lenses can produce images with a resolution of 65 megapixels for Street View. Time during the experiment, I use multiple computers at the back of the van, camera, laser and GPS are placed on the top of the car.

7. For areas inaccessible by car, Google uses several alternative vehicles. Among these are snowmobiles, trolley and others.

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