Increasingly sophisticated, the FBI Facial Identification System Track Photos on Internet

FBI Facial Identification System
Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is preparing for a face recognition system that increasingly sophisticated. That said, to upgrade security systems cost up to USD 1 billion.Currently, the face recognition system was being tested. FBI hopes that the system will be implemented in 2014 will further help them fight crime.

As quoted from Newscientist, Monday (09/10/2012), in order to more accurately identify the target, the system will combine the information of DNA, retina scans, and voice recognition.

The FBI does not specifically explain how it works, but the system will work with a variety of ways such basis, the data to match the suspect with a database owned by the FBI.

Furthermore the system is also able to leverage more sophisticated because of public cameras to track the perpetrators in a crowd, then the system is also able to utilize the photos uploaded on the internet to find the desired target.

The algorithm of the new system is also able to identify photos taken in various ways, such as in passport photographs or shots from the police under various conditions. It is said that up to 90% accuracy rate.

With this system, the FBI claims it will quickly recognize the target.But analysts worry about the space a growing FBI makes a lot of privacy violations against innocent civilians.

“This could be abused. Not only to identify the protesters at political events, but also can target someone specifically for criminalized,” said Senator from Minnesota, Al Franken.

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