i-Limb Ultra Revolution, Bionic Hand Can Be Controlled Using Smartphone

bionic hand

bionic hand

A powerful tool called i-limb ultra revolution has just created by a company called Touch Bionics. This tool is an electronic prosthetic hand that can also be controlled using a smartphone application.

Party Touch Bionics i-Limb said that hers is a world’s first prosthetic hand that can be controlled using a smartphone. This capability can be performed in conjunction with a mobile app called biosim.

In addition, the ability of the prosthetic hand also has a function that is very helpful for those in need. The prosthetic hand equipped with features similar to the human hand. That way the Touch Bionics hopes that those who do not have the hand can move like normal people.

Not only can be controlled via smartphones, this hand can work directly thanks to sensors that can detect muscle movement. In addition it fake hand this also has a weight which not too heavy, varies between 443 gram up to 515 gram, relies on its size. In addition a 7.4 V prosthetic hand can withstand loads of up to 90 kilograms and 32 kilograms on his part.

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