Google Nexus 7 Forced Apple ‘gives birth’ Mini iPad?

Google Nexus 7

Google Nexus 7

Google Nexus 7 predicted would shake up the tablet PC market. One of them, may force Apple to issue iPad Mini with an affordable price tag.

Some observers said that the Nexus 7 is intended to rival the Amazon Kindle Fire, cheap Android tablet sold in the market. But the presence of Nexus 7 will also be taken into account by Apple. They may be triggered release 7 inch tablet at affordable prices.

“They will pay attention to that market segment. I do not think Apple has the luxury to ignore the 7 inch form factor,” said James McQuivey of Forrester Research’s research bureau.

Google Nexus Asus made are priced from $ 199 for the 8GB model and $ 249 for the 16GB model. Specifications are quite gahar especially with the presence of quad-core processors.

Apple has long speculated to be launched iPad Mini. The presence of the predicted best-selling Nexus 7 will probably speed up the birth.

“There may be 10 to 12 million tablets of Fire or the Nexus 7 sold to consumers by the end of this year. The comparison does away with the sales of iPad, but Apple will begin to feel the impact,” added James

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