Gauss, New Malware Threat after Flame



Kaspersky internet security company found another new malware named Gauss. This malware is known as dangerous as Stuxnet, Duqu and Flame are attacking Iran.

Although referred to as a new threat, but the true Gauss built from the same code base as Flame and specifically targeting sensitive data. It seems that this is a kind of malware cyber espionage.

“Gauss as a country that has Trojan bank and store these warheads without known primary targets,” the light of the Kaspersky, which quoted from PC World, Sunday (08/12/2012).

Gauss actually detected in an operation that diprakrasai by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in an effort to investigate another threat from the Flame, who instead found other malware.

Kaspersky said the reason malware is nicknamed “Gauss” because the main module using the methods of the German mathematician Johann Carl Friedrich Gauss.

While the Flame, Stuxnet, and Duqu apparently intended to Iran, specifically targeting bank Gauss Lebanon, as well as Citibank and PayPal accounts. Gauss steal browser history, cookies, passwords, and system configuration.

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