Firefox OS will break the Android monopoly

Firefox OS

Firefox OS

Apple, Google and Microsoft spend billions of dollars and recruit best engineers to develop its mobile operating system. See opportunities and this fact, it’s worth if Mozilla wants to take part with the launch of OS Firefox.

Before the competition really begins, there is a question that probe. Mozilla is a profit in 2011 USD 121 million, is able to fight ‘big three’ of total earnings could reach $ 200 billion?

“Must be a lot of innovation or at least think to do it. Remember, is currently booming tablets and smartphones,” said Ian Fogg, mobile analyst at IHS Screen Digest.

Inevitably, as said Fogg, Mozilla is already supposed to be making its own operating system.

Luckily, the capital of confidence has been gained by the pembesut OS ‘fire fox’. Because the OS is fully supported by the operator in Europe, especially some large operators such as Deutsche Telekom, Etisalat, Sprint, and Telefonica are at the forefront to provide support.

The goal of course is clear, the operator is still frightened by the dominance of Google and Android in the future monopoly.

“The operator is hoping to compete in Firefox OS smartphone. They do not want the world ruled by Apple and Google in all fronts,” said Fogg, as quoted by the Telegraph, Tuesday (24/07/2012).


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