Fingerprint Technology Makes Lighted

Teknologi Membuat Sidik Jari Menyala

The researchers succeeded in making a breakthrough that could be used in the field of security. The researchers have developed a method that can make fingerprints on.

To create a fingerprint on, the researchers created a fluid chemical combined with electric current. That way, the researchers believe may facilitate the work of the police in distinguishing the fingerprint.

The researchers took advantage of a phenomenon known as elctrochemilunescence. This phenomenon arises because of the presence of electric currents that make the chemical liquid in the excited state, and the result will be lit liquid.

In the case of fingerprints, the researchers put the prints into an iron board used as an electrode which is then covered with a chemical solution. Further, the fingerprint image will be captured with a CCD camera that can facilitate the performance of the police because it has a high resolution image.

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