Facebook, The reason Apple withdraws Business Social Network

Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg

Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg

California, USA – Apple’s leadership in the era of Steve Jobs apparently had time to try his luck in the social networking business. However, co-founder of Apple wishes it had to be buried deep in Mark Zuckerberg from Facebook comes with it.

Steve Jobs is known to admire Mark Zuckerberg. It was also the reason, the late founder of Apple is no longer willing to make social networking. According to him, Zuckerberg has done the best with Facebook.

quotes from Business Insider, Saturday (07/21/2012) it was revealed from the exposure of Walter Isaacson, author of biographies of Steve Jobs when speaking in public some time ago.

“I once asked who he admired in Sillicon Valley. Zuckerberg is the first name that came from his lips,” Isaacson said, adding that, Jobs and Zuckerberg are two great figures who admire each other.

Isaacson said the admiration Jobs for Zuckerberg to make sense intuitively odd familiarity to the young millionaire. Simply put, Jobs reluctant fiddling with the realm of social networking that he described as ‘territory’ Zuckerberg.

“Jobs do not have to crack the code of social networking. Maybe some of you who remember Ping,” he then asked the audience.

Ping is a social networking service that focuses on Apple’s music. This service will reportedly be closed considering it’s not Apple’s business arena.

When Isaacson asked why Apple did not retreat successfully continue its efforts to participate in social networking as well, Jobs said, “Mark has been doing so well. No need to have a lot of social networks, Facebook has beaten them all,” he said.

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