Facebook build a Giant Field Server

The Giant Facebook data center in Lulea, sweden

The Giant Facebook data center in Lulea, sweden

Giant networking site Facebook is building a server farm in the Arctic circle. Fields that will accommodate the Facebook servers power the equivalent of the electricity used by 50,000 people.

Construction of server farms in Lulea, northern Sweden, is the first time putting up a server outside the United States. The choice of location is due to the climate there is very cold so that Facebook can use to cool the server.

Taking advantage of Lulea temperatures that average around 2 degrees Celsius (35.6F), Facebook plans to build three giant server room. As information, the area of this room with an area equivalent to 11 football fields.

Although Facebook to rely on air ‘natural’, but to care for these servers, they still need a power of 120MW, or the equivalent of enough power to supply electricity in 16 000 homes.

Quoted from the Telegraph, Thursday (27/10/2010), Facebook has become the latest country to choose the region of Northern Europe to be a server farm. Other technology companies reported that Google had bought exactly the area in southern Finland in Hamima also for establishing the location of the server.

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