FACE, Humanoid Robot That Can Perform Diverse Human Face Expression Similar Original



Humanoid robots are more and more popping up. Even many of the analysts who predicted that the task of commercial sex workers will be replaced by robots. And most recently the presence robot called FACE, a female humanoid robot that can perform a variety of facial expressions such as a human face in general.

The robot, developed by Nicole Lazzeri and his team is equipped with about 32 motorcycles around the skull and chest allowing it to perform activities such as human muscle muscle genuine.

To be able to create as many facial expressions with only 32 motors, Lazzeri making program called HEFES (Hybrid Engine for Facial Expressions Synthesis, which is a program that serves to control the motor is in the FACE.

HEFES refers Facial Action Coding System, which registered how certain emotions will be achieved in the movement of muscles. HEFES allows the operator to choose between classification FACE expressions for basic emotions easily, such as fear, anger, disgust, surprise, happy and even sad expression.


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