electric motor

electric motor

electric motor

The electric motor is a device to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. Tool that serves the opposite, converting mechanical energy into electrical energy is called a generator or dynamo. The electric motor can be found in household appliances such as fans, washing machines, water pumps and vacuum cleaners.

Electric motors are commonly used in industry world is asynchronous electric motors, with two global standards of the IEC and NEMA. Asynchronous motors IEC-based metric (millimeters), while the electric motor of NEMA-based imperial (inch), the application there is a unit of power in horsepower (hp) or kilowatt (kW).

IEC electric motors are divided into several classes according to its efficiency, as the standard in the EU, the division of this class to be EFF1, EFF2 and EFF3. EFF1 is the most efficient electric motors, at least a waste of energy, while EFF3 already may not be used within the EU, since fuel waste in power and will automatically create the largest carbon sink, so the more polluting the environment.

IEC standards IEC 34-1 is applicable, this is a standard that governs the electric-powered rotating equipment. There are many electric bike manufacturers, but only some actually follow directions and follow IEC 34-1 efficiency level of the EU directives.

Many manufacturers of electric motors that do not follow the IEC standards and EU so that their products become cheaper and more widely sold, many developing countries be market for these products, which in the long-term users of financial waste, because of the higher electricity bills each year.

Institutions that regulate and guarantee the efficiency level is CEMEP, a European consortium set up by the factories of the famous electric motors, in order to save the environment by reducing carbon pollution globally, because a lot of wasted power in the use of electrical load.
For example, in an average industrial electricity consumption for electric motors is about 65-70% of total electricity costs, so using an efficient electric motors will reduce overhead costs of production, thereby increasing the competitiveness of products, especially with an electric rate increase each year , then the use of electric motors EFF1 it was time to become a necessity.

The working principle of electric motor

The working principle of electric motor
In the electric motor is converted into electric power generation mechanic. This change was done by converting electricity into magnetism known as electro magnet. As we know that: the magnetic poles of the namesake will repel and poles is its namesake, the attraction. Then we can obtain the movement if we put a magnet on a shaft that can rotate, and the other magnet in a fixed position.


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