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Google drive

Google drive

San Francisco – Google has added the ability to edit offline in Google Docs service. This means, the user may be possible to open and work especial or documents, or read a spreadsheet, even without the presence of the internet.

Exciting news was announced by the internet giant on the mat Google I / O 2012. With the new online system, users can work on documents offline, and when it’s back online, the document will be automatically synchronized in the cloud.

But there are some important notes that Google is emphasized when users use that ability. Reporting from Google’s support page, here are some points in question:

– Users are required to first perform the activation of the ‘Set-up Docs offline’ on the menu.

– Offline access is only available for Chrome.

– Offline access is available to document and spreadsheet only, not the alias for the presentation, drawing or other woods item contained in the document list.

– Spreadsheet is only available in view-only mode. The user must restore the internet connection to do the editing. Create a new spreadsheet when offline is also not possible.

In the annual mat for developers Google I / O, the function is in the spotlight seems offline. In addition to Google Docs, which gets more offline capabilities are Google Maps, as well as voice Chromebook typing on the Android platform Jelly Bean.

Quoted from SlashGear, Friday (29/06/2012), offline Google Docs is now available as part of the Google Drive.

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